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Voices from the regional and global economy


"I have known Professor Reitzig for over 15 years and value him as an innovative thinker and clear speaker, whose basic research was of great importance for our practice of innovation organization. His analyses of our idea generation and evaluation processes opened up completely new perspectives for us in many ways. As a guest speaker during many of his events, I have seen again and again how he can get seasoned managers excited about his subject. "

Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum
Corp. Senior Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability, Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf

"At ITC, we worked with Prof Markus Reitzig on two important projects over two to three years:" Future Capability Building "and" Enhancing Organizational Innovation Capability ". His contributions have proved invaluable in getting the organization prepared to be "Future Ready".
I experienced Markus, as a teacher, to draw his material from a range of subjects and present an array of logical and coherent viewpoints and options to consider. He enthuses others to pursue an interesting voyage of intellectual discovery.
Markus is grounded in the proven, but very open to the new and eager to innovate. He is an expert in many subjects and his passion to learn keeps him contemporaneous. He combines enthusiasm, humor and mental horsepower seamlessly.
Markus and I are good friends and I continue to seek his guidance to forward me into the future. "

Dr R Sridhar

Former Head - Corporate Human Resources & Member, Corporate Management Committee ITC, Indian Tobacco Company ITC, Calcutta



"The digital world and certainly the Covid world is characterized by disruptions and innovations in business models. The ability to innovate fast has to be embedded in your organization fabric, culture and strategy, to not only survive the present but to thrive in the future. I have worked with Marcus over the years on issues of corporate strategy, organization design that supports innovation and creativity and building an innovation culture. I found Markus to be a great facilitator in converting theory to practice; and very easy to work with. "


Sushma Rajagopalan

Venture Partner Rittenhouse Ventures, Mentor, Philadelphia
Former CEO of ITC Infotechh
, Bangalore



“For over two years, Markus was a key scientific advisor to me in my role as Director of Strategy and Development at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Through his various initiatives, Markus was instrumental in creating an ecosystem between science, government, and practice in the domain of intellectual property in the Nordic Region. Drawing on his wide academic and corporate network, his creativity and energy really allowed him to make a difference to the community. Markus started as a valuable advisor, and today I am proud to be able to call him my friend. "


Steffen Rebien

Former Director of Strategy, Danish Patent and Trademark Office, Copenhagen



"Markus Reitzig and I met for the first time in 2012 at the Schickler Strategy Forum, where Markus gave one of the keynote presentations. What immediately convinced me both as a consultant and managing director was how powerfully Markus conveyed his knowledge from research ro practise. The way in which Markus shares his broad knowledge of corporate strategies and disruptive business models with practitioners creates real value add for his audience. I recommend Markus Reitzig as a corporate speaker without reservations! "


Alexander Kahlmann

Managing Director Schickler Consultants, Hamburg



"Professor Markus Reitzig was our mentor and advisor when shaping the Business Plan for HelpLegal, a venture in the international airline sector. His contributions were essential in the development and proved invaluable for the deployment of our worldwide digital arm. The work we did with him over several months during the critical stage of scaling the business realistically prepared us for the future.
Our experience with Prof. Markus was transformative, given the variety of subjects he masters, and the logics and precise vision he brought to the project. His opinion and advice draw on his immense professional experience; he balances technological, regulatory, and business considerations in a way that optimally meets the practical needs. To me personally, he is one of the most convincing strategy specialists that have I met during my long career. His passion for learning and helping to develop innovative projects endow him with a vision that clearly makes him be in advance of his time. Our system has now been patented in the United States, and in good part we owe this success story to his professional support in the early days ”.


Carlos Augusto J. Duque-Estrada Junior
CEO HelpLegal, Partner at Duque-Estrada & Advogados Associados - Specialized in Aeronautical Law, Sao Paulo

"I got to know Professor Reitzig as a guest speaker at an international management conference. He can draw an international audience under his spell with his clear language and inspires them to think about new points of view and perspectives. "


Klaus Stahlmann

Former CEO Sulzer Ltd, Winterthur

Voices from former course participants worldwide

"Professor Reitzig is a master communicator who brings a blend of contemporary theory, deep practical experience and strong data analytics to business problems. The main insight I took from his Strategic Innovation class was that unless a business is anticipating and adapting to change, then it is in decline - even if it doesn't yet know it.
Markus's teaching uses primary research, case studies and proven analytical techniques to help businesses identify and adapt to disruption. While I took Markus's class in 2011, I still use many of the concepts and tools today. "

Robin Colgan

Class of 2012, Executive MBA, London Business School
Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd., Seoul



"Whenever I think about developing a new strategy in my businesses today, I ask myself one question: What would Madonna do?

Early in my career, I thought I understood organizational strategy, but it wasn't until Professor Reitzig's Strategy lectures that I realized I was only focused on a very small component of a company's strategy. What I learned most was to take a larger view of the organization and to think critically about the future of the company and its environment.

"Markus is a strong presenter and has an extremely critical thought process, two characteristics that are invaluable in analyzing and teaching some the most complex subjects in business. Coupled with Markus's real-world examples of corporations and people (like Madonna), I know I can rely on his teachings from a decade ago to still have an impact on my career in the decades to come. "

Bunty Agarwal

Class of 2012, Executive MBA, London Business School
Managing Partner, Group 5 Advisory, London



"What can I say about Professor Markus?

My MBA experience at LBS was exemplified by my Strategy course with Professor Markus. Being the Group Managing Director of a diversified conglomerate spanning several continents with an extensive focus in challenging markets of West Africa, I thought I had seen it all at the young of 33. However having signed up then for my MBA and especially having attended his course , this put a completely different spin on things. He put a professional perspective and offered valuable solutions to the real life problems I was facing at the time which proved to be aa positive contribution to my MBA experience. The takeaways from the course enabled me to directly deal with all sorts of practical problems methodically and scientifically.

In recent years my Group has been privileged to have Professor Markus visit us in Nigeria and hold a training program for our Senior Management throughout West Africa. This was truly an enlightening and invaluable experience for all who attended and are hopeful to be able to attend further courses with Professor Markus in the hopefully not too distant future ".



Mahesh Vaswani

Class of 2011, Executive MBA, London Business School
Managing Director, Stallion Group, Dubai



Voices of current students from Vienna


"I have had the pleasure to participate in several of Professor Reitzig's master student courses. With his broad background in both research and practice he is able to apply scientific theories to current real-life business issues, thereby creating a holistic learning experience. His highly interactive teaching style guides students to have their own breakthroughs for sustainable knowledge acquisition."

Lenz Söder

Class of 2022, Master of Science, Business Administration, University of Vienna



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