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"Writing is a compulsion for everyone who observes a lot, thinks a lot - and then cannot express it in pictures or music."

Markus Reitzig

Markus Reitzig is the author of a large number of scientific papers as well as articles and books for managers. Details on his latest book "Get Better at Flatter" can be found here:


Markus Reitzig also writes about economic and social science topics more broadly. In addition to his scientific essays and books for those with an affinity for business, this includes the short story series "The Questions We Should Ask Ourselves" , which is aimed at a broader audience. In it, Markus Reitzig questions observations from everyday life through the eyes of an organizational scientist . A sample of the "Attention" triology is available for download below.


Not enough attention? The spiral of economic mediocrity

Too much attention - the difficult awareness of climate protection

Collective attention - exhibitionistic, voyeuristic, healthy?


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