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“Social scientists and managers are natural partners.

They are often interested in similar phenomena.

Sometimes this results in a joint research project.

More often it leads to an applied project drawing on scientific advice.

Ideally to a combination thereof. "

Markus Reitzig

"I value Professor Reitzig as an innovative thinker and clear speaker. His analyses of our idea generation and evaluation processes have opened up completely new perspectives for us in many ways. "

Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, Corp. Senior Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability, Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf



Markus Reitzig is a university professor with heart and soul. He is also a popular executive educator and speaker. In addition, he works passionately with decision-makers from politics, public administration, and industry on consulting projects.

Such projects in which the expertise of Markus Reitzig as a scientific expert and advisor is sought after can have a purely advisory or hybrid advisory and research character.

In any case, they tend to both address issues that lie outside the core competencies of the company and benefit from  latest knowledge in strategic and organizational research.

As of 2023, Markus regularly advises the transformation unit of Mercer (a business of MarshMcLennan) scientifically as their Expert of Organization Design, joining the company's partners and consultants on their client projects.

„We worked with Prof Markus Reitzig on two important projects over two to three years: "Future Capability Building" and "Enhancing Organizational Innovation Capability". His contributions have proved invaluable in getting the organization prepared to be "Future Ready".“

Dr R Sridhar, Former Head - Corporate Human Resources & Member, Corporate Management Committee ITC, Indian Tobacco Company ITC, Kalkutta


"I found Markus to be a great facilitator in converting theory to practice; and very easy to work with."

Sushma Rajagopalan, Venture Partner Rittenhouse Ventures, Mentor, Philadelphia

Former CEO of ITC Infotech, Bangalore

Partners from business value Professor Reitzig as a “no nonsense” advsior  who understands company issues, but at the same time can break complex real problems down to their basics in order to develop solutions for special challenges .

Would you like some examples? Please contact us directly !

Should you be viewing the desktop version, you will also find additional information at the bottom of this page - both on earlier projects and on practitioner publications by Professor Reitzig that were published in the Harvard Business Review, the MIT Sloan Management Review, or the McKinsey Quarterly .



"Professor Markus Reitzig was our mentor and advisor when shaping the Business Plan for HelpLegal. Our experience with Prof. Markus was transformative. To me personally, he is one of the most convincing strategy specialists that have I met during my long career with a vision that clearly makes him be in advance of his time. We owe our success story to his professional support in the early days ”.


Carlos Augusto J. Duque-Estrada Junior, Partner at Duque-Estrada & Advogados Associados - Specialized in Aeronautical Law
CEO HelpLegal, Sao Paulo



Project examples from the past

Examples of prior projects:

Project goal: development of a business plan for an innovative start-up in the air traffic sector

Project duration: 6 weeks

Special challenge: methodical. Initial market valuation for potential damage compensation in the air traffic industry as governed by the Montreal Convention; strategic differentiation from existing market participants

Project goal: design of an idea generation and selection system for 25,000 employees

Project duration: 2 years

Special challenge: conceptual and methodical. Theoretical and empirical modeling of the behavior of employees in the company

Project goal: reorganization at group level and implementation in the business areas

Project duration: 3 years

Special challenge: conceptual. Comparison of top-down and bottom-up approaches; unbiased juxtaposition of  identified options according to the current state of knowledge in organizational research; creation and communication of an organizational design (structures, roles, processes)

Project goal: development of an innovation strategy with special consideration of patenting across corporate and business areas

Project duration: 6 weeks

Special challenge: conceptual. Integrating functional aspects across the divisions at all hierarchical levels


Contributions for practitioners

Articles for practitioners:
" When It Takes Senior Leadership To Help Forecast The Future ," (with Keck, S.), Leadership Standard (Aug 2019)

Managing the Business Risks of 'Open' Innovation ,” (with Alexy, O.) , McKinsey Quarterly, Winter 2012, 17-21.


Smart Idea Selection - Is Your Company Choosing the Best Innovation Ideas? ”, Sloan Management Review, Summer 2011, 47-52.


Patently (Un) Clear ” (with Wagner, S.), Business Strategy Review, Spring 2010, 28-33.


Big Picture - Patent Sharks ” (with Henkel, J.), Harvard Business Review, June 2008, 129-133.

German translation reprinted with permission in: Harvard Business Manager, 8 2008, 62-68.


How Executives Can Enhance IP Strategy and Performance, ” Sloan Management Review, Fall 2007, 37-43.


" Strategic Management of Intellectual Property ," Sloan Management Review, Spring 2004, 35-40.

German translation reprinted with permission in: Wirtschaftswoche, 29 2004, 66-70.

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