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“There are only three reasons why seasoned practitioners would listen to an academic: you just took the wrong exit tonight; you are completely helpless and reach for the last straw; or you are looking for sophisticated, thought-provoking entertainment. I am trying to offer you the latter now. "


Markus Reitzig

© Marlon Hambrusch 2020 / TEDxVienna

"Professor Reitzig can draw an international audience under his spell with his clear language and encourages them to think about

new points of view and perspectives."

Klaus Stahlmann , former CEO Sulzer Ltd, Winterthur


Professor Reitzig's speeches are everything but superficial or boring. They playfully blur big economic questions, anecdotes from practice, and latest insights from research in a way that is tailored to audiences outside the academic circle. By combining original findings from his research group at the University of Vienna with broader trends and examples from the regional and global economy, his lectures have a unqiue character and thus stand out from generic offers on the market.

Markus is available for public or private keynotes within his domain of expertise. Examples of previous engagements and standing topics:

  • The future of work

  • Organizations aiming high

  • Flat hierarchies

  • Strategic Organization Design

  • Leading the Technology Firm

Please contact him if you would like to engage him for a company event.

"The way in which Markus shares his broad knowledge with practitioners creates real value add for his listeners.

I recommend Markus Reitzig as a corporate speaker without reservations!"

Alexander Kahlmann, Managing Director of Schickler Consultants, Hamburg




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